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I have been working on your behalf in many roles over the years. Through these many experiences, I have learned – and fully believe – that the people of our community are patriotic and caring people.  Our friends, relatives, and neighbors, from all walks of life, ethnicities, creeds, and strongly held political views, live together as a community. It is through our churches, schools, community organizations, and our local government that we can come together for the common good. 

As your County Commissioner, I will address:

Education - As a Commissioner, I will insist upon higher recruitment standards; the highest quality of education in our public schools, ensuring every child a genuine opportunity to learn and a continuous conversation with our Board of Education and Superintendent.  Once an Educators Pay is negotiated, I will not renege.

Elderly Care -  We must eliminate substandard housing and homelessness. I will work with public and private homeowner partnerships to build secure affordable homes. I will also push for home buyer education and counseling and Financial Capability Workshops; and research opportunities to address shelters and the movement of persons from shelters to jobs and home ownership. 

Access to Health -  I will work with the County Health Officer, Walden Center; Addiction Care Organizations; Faith Based Organizations and Law Enforcement Officers to battle the Opioid Epidemic as well as address Opioid addicted babies.  I will work with non-profit organizations to help those that are in need of medical attention and medicines.

Special Needs -  Persons with Special Needs are in need of jobs and care and are overlooked.  I will create a platform to address with non-profits, businesses and organizations that address persons with Special Needs and Jobs. 

Youth Jobs - There was a time when a student looked forward to the summer because there was a job waiting for them.   I will work within the Community to address the need for Summer Youth Employment and look at broadening Business Development initiatives.

Public Safety - We must look at Public Safety in our neighborhoods, our commercial areas and in our schools.  I plan to work as a team with my fellow Commissioners and our Sheriff in the hiring of more high quality Deputies and start the conversation of increased patrols while addressing safety in our schools and public locations.  I will work with and support our Fire and Rescue Volunteers and First Responders as we work to ensure that we are a County that Cares. 

Rose Frederick for Commissioner 2018,  Sharon Redmon, Treasurer
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